Cameron Announces New CEO Connie McCahill


It is with pleasure that the Board of Directors of Cameron Memorial Community Hospital (CMCH) announces the appointment of Connie McCahill as the new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). McCahill’s appointment will be effective June 21, 2015. McCahill will take over for Dr. David Goodwin, Board Chair, who has served in the role on an interim basis. McCahill will provide strategic direction and operational leadership for the hospital, ensuring continued quality care and customer service excellence throughout the organization.

McCahill brings more than thirty years of clinical and executive healthcare experience to her new role. She most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer for Cameron Hospital during which time she provided leadership for all clinical and operational areas of the hospital.

Prior to her time at Cameron, McCahill served in a variety of leadership roles with Memorial Hospital of South Bend. She was the Executive Director of Memorial Epworth Center, and Chief Safety Officer for Memorial Hospital of South Bend. She served as Vice President of Nursing, as Executive Director of Surgical Services, Head Nurse, and Emergency Room charge nurse and staff nurse. She also previously served as Director of Nursing for Louisville Hand Surgery, Louisville, Kentucky. McCahill participated at the highest level of health system administration with both Cameron Hospital and Memorial Hospital of South Bend and has been actively engaged with Board activities, including strategic planning. She has also been involved in the community, serving on multiple boards and in volunteer leadership roles with health related and community organizations. McCahill currently serves on the Steuben County YMCA Board of Directors, and on the Angola Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, as well as a member of the Indiana Hospital Association Council on Quality and Patient Safety.

“Connie McCahill came to Cameron Hospital almost three years ago as our Chief Operating Officer,” said Dr. Dave Goodwin, Board Chair. “She came to Cameron with a rich background as a clinician and health care administrator. During her tenure here, she has proven to be a highly competent hospital administrator. We are very pleased she has accepted our offer to be the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Cameron Memorial Community Hospital.”

McCahill received a Diploma in Nursing from the Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University South Bend, and a Master of Science in Administration from the University of Notre Dame.

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Health Screenings: An Important Factor in Overall Health


Staying up-to-date on health screenings is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Getting the right health screenings may help detect any potential risk for chronic illness or disease.  Screenings can also give you piece of mind; which is why it is so important to stay current.  Here are some recommended screenings of which to take note:


Full check-up, including height and weight All ages – discuss with doctor
Blood pressure test At least every 2 years if you have normal blood pressure
Cholesterol Test Starting at age 20 – discuss with your doctor; for men age 35+ and women age 45+ with increased risk for heart disease-get tested regularly
Diabetes/Blood Sugar Test Get screened if your blood pressure is higher than 135/80 or if you take medicine for high blood pressure
Bone Density Test For women – get screened at least once at age 65; discuss with your doctor earlier if at risk for osteoporosis
Colorectal Cancer Screening Age 50-75 – get screened regularly
Breast Cancer Screening For women, at age 40 – discuss with your doctor; annual mammogram
Cervical Cancer Screening For women, ages 21-65-get screened every 3 years (alternatively, combo HPV/Pap recommended every 5 years for women age 30-65)
Skin Cancer Age 18-40 get periodic total skin exams every 3 years at the discretion of your doctor.  Age 40+-annual total skin exam.
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening For men, age 65-75-get screened if you have ever smoked

Adults who don’t regularly see a doctor are recommended to have a full health check-up with their primary care physician annually or every two years, dependent on age and health status.

For more information on screening tests available, go to

Disclaimer:  The information presented is for your general knowledge and does not replace the advice of a physician.  All medical inquiries regarding your health should be presented to a physician.

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Cameron Foundation Honors Area High School Graduates

Scholarship recipients

The Cameron Foundation recently honored four high school graduates from the Steuben County area with scholarships for nursing and allied health professions. Peyton Carey, Kayla Stevenson, Ashley Springer, and Jessica Valentine each received a $1000 scholarship from the Foundation. They were selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and the potential for success in their chosen field of study.

Here’s a little more about each of the award recipients:

Peyton Carey, from Fremont High School, is the recipient of a $1,000 nursing scholarship. She is the captain of the varsity cheer squad and volunteers at the Steuben County Humane Society. Carey plans to attend Indiana University Bloomington to pursue a degree in nursing.

Kayla Stevenson, from Angola High School, is the recipient of a $1,000 nursing scholarship. She is involved in cross country, mission trips, her church youth group, Upwards cheering and HOE. Stevenson will be attending Indiana University South Bend to pursue a degree in nursing.

Ashley Springer, from Prairie Heights High School, is the recipient of a $1,000 allied health scholarship. She is a basketball and softball athlete, served as president of the Leo Club, participated in Peers Educating Peers, served as class treasurer, volunteered as a Red Cross helper, member of the National Honor Society, participated in youth group and served as a Vacation Bible School leader and was awarded DAR Good Citizen, Leadership award, Sportsman award and Student of the Month. Springer plans to attend Indiana Wesleyan University to pursue a degree in chemistry and pre-med.

Jessica Valentine, from Prairie Heights High School, is the recipient of a $1,000 allied health scholarship. She served as the Student Council treasurer, National Honor Society president, girl’s tennis captain, member of German National Honor Society, and was named Student of the month. Valentine plans to attend Indiana University Bloomington to pursue a degree in pre-med and human biology.

Pictured with Laura Lutterbeck, Cameron Foundation executive director, are (from left to right) Peyton Carey, Kayla Stevenson, and Ashley Springer. Jessica Valentine is not pictured.

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Cameron Offers MRI Services for Medtronic SureScan Patients


Our new state-of-the-art MRI system not only offers comfort and quality to patients, but Cameron Hospital is the only place in northeast Indiana and in the immediate tri-state area registered to perform conditional MR scans on patients with Medtronic complete SureScan pacing systems (pacemakers).

“We are proud to offer this service to not only the local community, but to those in the broader region,” says Todd Duff, Imaging Services Director. “Historically, patients with implanted pacemakers were denied access to MRI procedures because the interaction can be harmful. Now through clinical advancements and our local investment in advanced technology, we are able to help a percentage of that population.”

There are approximately 1.5 million people in the United States who have an implanted pacemaker and an estimated 200,000 who are turned away each year. Now Cameron Hospital staff can work with physicians to help facilitate a safe scan for SureScan patients.

If you or someone you love has a SureScan device and is in need of an MRI, talk with your physician and call Cameron’s Imaging Services department at (260) 665-2141, ext. 5136 to learn more about your options. To schedule an imaging appointment call (260) 665-2141, ext. 5128.

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Partnering to Better Serve Our Community

Cameron Hospital is pleased to support the work of many fine community organizations, including the Steuben County United Way’s 2-1-1 initiative, a free and confidential information and referral assistance phone line.

2-1-1 provides assistance for housing, shelter, food, legal aid, clothing, education, counseling, utility assistance, health care, transportation, and volunteer opportunities. The 24-hour telephone line helps connect individuals and families with community-based organizations, including Cameron Hospital.

“We’re working to identify strategic partnerships in our community through which we can directly impact individuals in all areas of wellness,” says Connie McCahill, Chief Operating Officer at Cameron. “When we completed our Community Health Needs Assessment in 2013, one thing that was identified as a need was a clearinghouse of sorts where individuals could go for help. 2-1-1 is just that resource. We are very pleased to lend our support in hopes that further awareness of the service will continue to better our community.”

In 2014, more than 47,000 calls were received from residents of northeast Indiana. Since 2004 (the first full year of 2-1-1 service), calls requesting health and human services have grown a tremendous 119%. Most of the calls are related to basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and financial assistance for rent and utilities.

For more information about the 2-1-1 initiative or to make a donation to the Steuben County United Way, please call the United Way at 260-665-6196.

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Cameron Imaging Services are Designed to Improve the Patient Experience


When the new Cameron Hospital opened in December 2014, one of the areas that saw many exciting changes and advances in technology was imaging services. These advances not only improve the level of patient care we provide, but also significantly improve patient comfort and their overall experience with us.

“Cameron has made significant investment to stay on the leading edge of imaging technology,” says Todd Duff, Imaging Services Director for the hospital. “When selecting high-tech equipment, we looked for the most current technology that is also responsive to the patient experience. We focused on improving the time patients spend with us. Patients may not always understand all the technology, but they definitely have an opinion about the way they’ve been treated.”

This approach to the patient experience was at the forefront of all decisions made regarding technology and comfort in the new Imaging Services Department. Improvements that Cameron patients enjoy include:

MRI Scanner

We now feature the patient-centric Caring MR Suite, an innovative approach to magnetic resonance imaging that puts the patient in control of the scanning environment with a variety of lighting and sound options for their individual comfort, and MRI Quiet Scanning, featuring GE Silent Scan, which reduces the noise of an MR scan down to a whisper.

CT Technology

The new 64-Slice CT Scanner offers high image quality, speed and delivery of images for precise diagnosis and care. We also boast a 16-Slice PET CT Scanner. Typically found only in tertiary level hospitals in large cities, the PET CT will bring unique care advantages to people in the tri-state region since it will be a component of the continuum of cancer care services available in Angola.

Women’s Imaging Center

Cameron also features a dedicated Women’s Center for mammography, ultrasound and bone density (DEXA) services. Privacy and comfort are assured for female patients with entrance, changing and waiting areas separate from the rest of the Imaging Services department. Comfort during mammography procedures is enhanced through the hospital’s purchase of the GE SensorySuite equipment that features an interactive system for improving the mammography experience.

“The new imaging department is all about the patients,” Duff says. “Quicker image processing means less waiting time and getting in and out of the department faster. Better imaging capabilities mean more precise diagnoses and care. And the patient-centric technology and our reassuring staff create an atmosphere of calm comfort. Cameron has always put patients first, and these advances allow us to continue to do that.”

For more information, please call (260) 665-2141, ext. 5136.  To schedule an appointment, call (260) 665-2141 ext. 5128.

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April is National Stress Awareness Month: Tips for Managing Stress


We all have differing levels of stress in our lives, the key is learning how to recognize what causes it and how we can manage it. Being aware of your stressors and how to manage them effectively can go a long way to improving your physical and mental health. Even small changes can make a big impact! While it may not be possible to completely eliminate stress, you can learn to manage it effectively. The key is to learn to recognize your stressors and how to handle them so they don’t negatively impact your life and your health. In order to better manage your stress levels, try to take a few days or a week to determine what might be causing you stress by keeping a stress inventory:

  • What happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • Where were you?
  • What was your reaction?
  • What was the result?

Once you have a better understanding of what your stress triggers might be, you can then move on to managing them more effectively.

  • Try looking at the problem from a different angle. You might be able to come up with a solution you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Also, try talking through the problem with a supportive friend. They might provide some perspective.
  • Plan and prioritize. Don’t panic, make a list to prioritize your work, and set realistic deadlines; do not rush into your first idea you have and always have an alternative plan.
  • Focus on what you can control. You know what your job tasks are. Break the larger tasks into smaller, more doable steps.
  • Slow down. Think things through before you act, and begin with a result in mind.
  • Limit interruptions. Use your voice mail to your advantage and only take calls that are a priority when you are on a tight deadline. Set aside designated times throughout the day to respond to emails and phone calls.
  • Use all of your resources. Ask for help when you need it.
  • Take a break. To release stress, make time to take a short break. taking a walk or discussing your work situation with another person may help you gain a fresh perspective.
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