Be Part of the “I Got My Start” Campaign

Pictured:  2014 Kindergarteners being photographed for the “I Got My Start” billboard.

Pictured: 2014 Kindergarteners being photographed for the “I Got My Start” billboard.

Calling all Steuben County kindergarteners and high school seniors who were born at Cameron Memorial Community Hospital. Don’t miss your opportunity to be recognized in the “I Got My Start” campaign to be published in June. To participate, students need to complete and provide the participation/photo release form along with a baby photo and current photo. Participants will also have a chance to be featured on a billboard display.

The deadline to participate is April 10, 2015. Forms are available at each of the Steuben County elementary and high schools. For more information or to obtain a participation and photo release form, call (260) 665-2141 ext. 5336 or go to

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Cameron Hospital Awards Quiz Winners

Pictured: (back row left to right) Jeff Lutterbeck, Kasey Jones, Michelle Bruns, Norma Hammel, (front row left to right) Cheryl Westenkirchner, Allison Herman, Saundra Walker and Isabella Budak. Not pictured: Gene Tierney

Pictured: (back row left to right) Jeff Lutterbeck, Kasey Jones, Michelle Bruns, Norma Hammel, (front row left to right) Cheryl Westenkirchner, Allison Herman, Saundra Walker and Isabella Budak. Not pictured: Gene Tierney

Cameron Hospital is very pleased to announce its “Well Into the FUTURE” quiz contest winners. Each of the following winners answered all fifteen questions posted both in the Herald Republican and at correctly. The winners are: Michelle Bruns, Isabella Budak, Norma Hammel, Allison Herman, Kasey Jones, Jeff Lutterbeck, Gene Tierney, Cheryl Westenkirchner, Saundra Walker.

Each winner received a one-hundred dollar gift card. For more information on the new Cameron Hospital, call 665-2141 or go to

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Winter Storm Preparedness

SnowDriving1Northern Indiana is facing potentially significant winter weather as we type this. We’ve written several posts regarding winter safety over the years, but for simplicity’s sake, here’s a quick cheat sheet covering ways to prepare for a winter storm.

1) Make sure your vehicles have plenty of gas in them–especially if temperatures are projected to get extremely cold. If you have other gas-powered winter equipment like a snow blowers or generator, consider keeping a few extra containers safely on hand. (Bonus: make sure your equipment works before you need it.)

2) Stock up on supplies at the store. This includes usual staples like food, water, toilet paper, etc. as well as any applicable medications.

3) Make sure any pets or farm animals have dry shelter from the storm. If necessary, include pet supplies in your store run from point #2 above.

4) Check your emergency kit for any defunct equipment, expired products, or missing items. Make the kit easily accessible to family members who might need it.

5) Have a plan. What will you/your family do if there’s a travel restriction? What if the power goes out? If you have an alternate heat source, is it functioning and accessible? Do you have plenty of clean, heavy blankets? Even beyond the basic necessities, it doesn’t hurt to plan for entertainment, too. Board games, books, arts and crafts projects, puzzles–whatever your family is interested in that can help pass the time until the storm subsides. Check on elderly neighbors and family members to make sure they are alright. Write down any phone numbers you might need in case your cell phone dies.

6) Don’t panic. Winter storms can make people anxious or even frightened. With the proper preparation, you’ll be able to ride it out with grace. No storm lasts forever, and this too shall pass.

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Safe Sitter Course Offered by Cameron Hospital

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital will offer their next Safe Sitter® course for young teens 11-13 at the hospital Saturday, February 14, 2015.

Sara Dailey, from a 2014 Safe Sitter graduating class

Sara Dailey, from a 2014 Safe Sitter graduating class

Over 500,000 adolescent babysitters have graduated from the medically-accurate program which instills students with confidence as they learn how, why and where injuries can happen so they can be prevented. The cost of the course is $15. Call 260-667-5378 to register your son or daughter or your child’s babysitter or email

This nationally recognized program was developed by Indianapolis pediatrician Dr. Patricia Keener after a colleague’s toddler choked to death while in the care of an adult sitter who didn’t know what actions to take. The up-to-date curriculum provides hands-on practice in lifesaving techniques designed to prepare babysitters to act in an emergency. Babysitters also receive instruction on how a child’s age affects how to care for them, how to prevent problem behavior and how to run their own babysitting business. They also learn basic first aid as well as how to perform infant and child choking rescue.

To graduate from the Safe Sitter® course and receive a completion card, students must pass a rigorous practical and written test that indicates their mastery of key concepts and life and safety skills.

For more information about the Safe Sitter® organization, contact John White at 260-667-5378.

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New Treatment Option for Cardiac Patients

Cardiac Yoga at CMCH

Cardiac Yoga at CMCH

Stress is an inevitable part of daily life. However, if a person’s stress is not managed, it can become one of the leading factors in a heart attack. Cameron Memorial Community Hospital is excited to offer its phase two cardiac rehab patients a new option for treatment.

Beginning February 5, 2015, phase two cardiac rehab patients will be able to attend cardiac yoga class to improve their physical wellness, as well as their mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. “Cardiac yoga is a gentle form of yoga,” said Amber Nye, certified cardiac therapist at Cameron Hospital. “The focus of cardiac yoga is not the poses, but rather focusing on breathing techniques, increasing comfortable range of motion, stress management, relaxation and meditation.”

Many individuals go through the sudden trauma of a heart attack and invasive surgical procedures without having any prior knowledge of having heart disease. The suddenness of a heart attack can leave the heart patient emotionally unprepared for surgery. In addition, stress increases due to fear, depression, shock, anger and lack of control. “At Cameron’s rehabilitation center, the cardiac patients participating in the yoga class learn new strategies to help deal with their cardiac event in conjunction with their cardiac exercise program,” said Nye.

Cameron’s rehabilitation center is the most complete and advanced facility in Steuben County, providing skilled treatment to restore and maintain flexibility, movement and strength. For further questions about Cameron’s rehabilitation center or for questions regarding cardiac yoga, contact Joell Stuckey at (260) 665-2141.

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Cameron Hospital Elects Leaders for 2015

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital recently announced the election of board officers for 2015. Those serving in a leadership position in 2015 are: Dr. David Goodwin, Retired MSD Superintendent, Chairman; Dr. Tom Miller, physician, Vice Chairman; Dr. Berry Miller, physician, Secretary; and Barbara Short, DAS Services, Inc., Treasurer. Also elected to a three year terms as CMCH Board members are: Ken Dunlap, Marla Toigo and Terry Vanette.

“Cameron Hospital is very pleased to have such an excellent group of people leading the organization as we go forward in 2015,” said Greg Burns, Cameron Hospital President & CEO.

Dr. David Goodwin

Dr. David Goodwin

Dr. Tom Miller

Dr. Tom Miller

Dr. Berry Miller

Dr. Berry Miller

Barbara Short

Barbara Short

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Test Your Knowledge About the New Cameron Hospital for a Chance to Win Big!

Over the last several months, readers of the Herald Republican have learned about the new Cameron Memorial Community Hospital through “The Future is Coming” series of articles. Now you have the opportunity to win big by testing your knowledge about the features and services of the new hospital!

Answer all the “Future is Here!” quiz questions correctly, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for $100 gift cards. Up to ten winners will be selected. But you can’t win if you don’t enter!

If you need a little assistance with any of the quiz questions, all “The Future is Coming” articles are posted on the Cameron Memorial Community Hospital website, and all the answers can be found in the articles. Visit the website and review the articles.

Ready to take the quiz? Fill out the form or print the questions below and mail your entry to Community Relations, Cameron Hospital, 416 E. Maumee St., Angola, IN, 46703, by no later than Friday, January 9, 2015. Good luck!

  1. What is the name of the doctor who founded Cameron Hospital in 1926?
  2. When did the Ground-Breaking take place for the new Cameron Memorial Community Hospital?
  3. What is the name of the Angola business that generously contributed $100,000 to the Campaign for Cameron to fund the Healing Garden?
  4. As part of the hospital’s new Birthing Center, there will be three “LDR” rooms. What do the letters “L”, “D”, and “R” stand for?
  5. One of the new state-of-the-art pieces of imaging equipment in the new hospital is often used in the plan of care for cancer patients. Cameron is the only healthcare facility in northeast Indiana outside Fort Wayne to have this equipment. What is the name of the equipment?
  6. How many inpatient beds does the new Cameron Hospital have?
  7. Residential properties to the south of the old hospital were acquired to increase the size of the hospital campus from 6.5 acres to over 13 acres. How many residential properties were purchased by Cameron?
  8. What is Cameron Memorial Community Hospital’s tagline?
  9. All of the inpatient rooms of similar type at the new hospital look exactly the same. Research has suggested that this standardized type of room design is safer for patients and more efficient for members of the team taking care of patients. What is the name for patient rooms using this unique design approach?
  10. Operating rooms in the new hospital will each be 600 square feet in size versus 400 square feet in the old hospital. How many operating rooms will the new hospital have?
  11. What is the name of the federal, United States agency that provided the financing for the new Cameron Hospital?
  12. What vitally important clinical department at Cameron Hospital will have significantly improved space for delivering patient care as a result of Phase II construction that will begin in January 2015?
  13. What department at the new Cameron Hospital has a custom designed therapeutic pool?
  14. What is the name of the system installed in the new Birthing Center to ensure infant safety and security?
  15. How many private pre- and post-surgery patient rooms will the new Surgery Services Department have?
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